Guatemala: Polluted Motagua River believed to be source of trash “tsunami” in neighbouring Honduras

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Despite efforts to contain and clear the pollution in Motagua River in Guatemala, the river is believed to be the source of the so-called trash “tsunami” in neighbouring Honduras.

Piles of plastic washed up on Motagua banks in El Quetzalito on Thursday as an operation to clear up the banks were underway.

Staff workers arrived by boat to the polluted river banks where an acuatic bio-fence was set up to contain the plastic waste to be collected. They worked on the ground with wheelbarrows and a construction truck to accelerate the trash removal.

“These days there were problems with Honduras, as everyone noticed, there were very heavy rains in the country due to the bad weather, there were tropical storms and this caused the Motagua river to increase its flow and as a consequence the industrial bioguard was overflown by the strong currents of the river. This is how the current of the river has been overflown,” claimed Marcos Dubon who is in charge of bio-fencing system in Quetzalito.

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