Hamburg brothel turned into beach bar amidst COVID pandemic

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Carsten Marek, the owner a Hamburg brothel, turned his prostitution business, Babylon, into a beach club and wellness centre with cocktails and massage packages amid a coronavirus-related ban on the sex industry.

“Since March, this establishment has been closed. So we thought back and forth about what we could do,” said Carsten on Thursday who is also the owner of ‘Die Ritze’ bar in St. Pauli district.

He continued: “So we paused the business with prostitution – you are allowed to do so for one year – and I applied [for the beach bar] and it was approved.”

Footage shows the outdoor area of the former brothel which has been redecorated with sand, plants and sunbeds to welcome a new customer base.

​”There are many people that would never set foot in a place like this, but they are still curious about it,” the owner said.

“That is why I thought to take a new path and to offer a new model, which I might adopt, so that it becomes more public, to achieve an inclusion so that everyone can visit us.”

Only people aged above 18 years are allowed on the premises, an entry fee of €10 ($11,80) is charged, which includes one free soft drink.

The beach bar area opened last Friday, August 7.

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