India: At least three killed as Cyclone Nirav floods streets in Chennai

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At least three people were killed after heavy rains flooded the streets and knocked down trees in Chennai as Cyclone Nirav made landfall in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Footage filmed on Friday shows rescue workers using heavy machinery to remove uprooted trees as residents walk through flooded roads.

The tropical storm forced the state authorities to declare a public holiday and close the Chennai airport and metro services.


SOT, Vimal, Chennai Resident (Tamil): “Only in the evening the water levels increased above the hip level. Immediately, ground floor residents moved to a safer location outside of this area to their friends and relatives’ houses. But still many children and women are stranded in the houses. I can’t describe it. We are helpless.”

SOT, Mahendra Kumar, Chennai Resident (Tamil): “This area is flooded, so the waters entered from all sides and flooded the streets. We are having a lot of problems. We are in the middle surrounded by colonies, so there is no way the water could drain. We are having small children at home, drainage water entering our homes, no clean water and food at home, so we have ordered food from outside and going home.”

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