Indonesia: Officials present black box recovered from Sriwijaya Air crash

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SOT, Chief of KNKT (Indonesia Safety Transportation Committee) (Indonesian): “To all media, in this presence I would like to appreciate for all coordination and effort from the military and Indonesia Search and rescue. So today we can have flight data recorder and black box.” *LOOSE TRANSLATION AT SOURCE*

SOT, Chief of KNKT (Indonesian): “But both [black boxes] release from flight data recorder, but the most important thing is that now we have flight data recorder. We ask pray and support from all Indonesian people that we can retrieve the data flight recorder, and we can reveal mystery that cause the accident of this airplane.”

SOT, Chief of KNKT (Indonesian): “With this also we are in deep condolence with the accident, and with this investigation we hope that we can find the cause and become our record so the same accident will not happen again in the future. We hope CVR (cockpit voice recorder) can be found soon, and we are sure with good coordination from the military, Indonesian Search and Rescue and Indonesian Technology Administration we can find it as soon as possible.”

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