Iraq: Baghdad residents react to US warning over embassy attacks

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Baghdad residents shared their thoughts on Monday on the US plans to permanently close its embassy in the Iraqi capital.

Washington warned that the complex may be shut down unless the Iraqi government stops rocket attacks on its premises.

“All countries of the world, any country whose embassy is located on the territory of another country, is responsible for protecting it, but in Iraq it appears that we are no longer prepared or able to protect embassies. That is why the United States moved to remove its embassy, ​​and this has a negative impact on Iraq, as its situation is unstable and we are not ready to assume another concern for us and the country,” said Abu Amir Karbalai, a Baghdad resident.

Mustafa Mohamed, another resident, expressed fears that the issue will further polarise the Iraqi society. “If I say I support the decision to close the embassy, this thing will open the way for the conflict between America and Iran inside Iraq, and if I say no, I will be a supporter of the parties and their survival, something confusing, stay away from the parties,” said Mohamed.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly warned the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi that Washington might close its embassy and withdraw its staff due to repeated rocket attacks.

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