Israel: Netanyahu calls Kurz ‘great leader for Austria’ as pair meet in Jerusalem

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Austrian People’s Party leader and former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz a “great leader for Austria” before a meeting between the two in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

“I am delighted to see you again Sebastian, you have been a tremendous friend of the state of Israel, a champion of fighting anti-semitism, a great leader for Austria and it is good to see you again back in Jerusalem. You are warmly welcomed as a friend,” said Netanyahu.

“It is always good to be here, thank you or taking time, for giving us an overview about Israel and the region, the challenges you have in the region,” said Kurz.

After the meeting, Kurz tweeted that he and Netanyahu discussed “border management measures & the prevention of illegal migration.”

Kurz was ousted as chancellor in a no-confidence vote by the parliament on May 27, following a corruption scandal involving his coalition allies. The former chancellor is running to regain that position in an election to be held at the end of September.

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