Italy: Banksy mural stolen from Bataclan theatre handed over to France in Rome

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A stolen piece of art drawn on a door of the Bataclan theatre by British anonymous street artist Banksy was handed over to France at a ceremony in the French embassy in Rome on Tuesday.

“It is a very moving moment. Today is the day of our national holiday (Bastille Day). To have this door be delivered as a huge commemorative witness is an honour because this door was a witness of the Bataclan, of the massacre that cost 90 people their lives,” explained Christian Masset, the French Ambassador to Italy.

French officials announced last year that the door had been stolen. Last June, the painting was found during a home search in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Ninety people were killed at the Bataclan concert hall, in Paris, on November 13, 2015 when Islamist militants carried out a series of coordinated attacks in the French capital, killing a combined total of 130 people in six locations.

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