Joe Biden’s first 24 hours in office: What did he change? | DW News

Biden signed over a dozen of executive orders on his first day in the Oval Office, including ones that saw the US rejoin the international Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization, from which the former president had withdrawn US membership. The new administration has expressed urgency about reversing many of Trump’s policies on domestic and foreign issues. Leaders around the world said they were looking forward to cooperating with the US in tackling global issues, including the coronavirus pandemic and climate change. Others urged Biden to lift sanctions that Trump had imposed on their countries, hoping for a new era of cooperation with the US.
Among the executive orders was one canceling the permit for the controversial Keystone XL oil and gas pipeline. The pipeline was to carry millions of gallons of petroleum from Canada to refineries in the US. Along with the project cancellation, the executive order revokes oil and gas development at national wildlife monuments. Conceived over 10 years ago, the $8 billion (€6.6 billion) pipeline has been fraught with controversy from the beginning.


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