Lebanon: “It felt like an earthquake” – Survivors recount Beirut explosions *GRAPHIC*

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Survivors recounted the explosions that hit Beirut, on Tuesday.

Dozens injured were seen at the Hospital Hotel-Dieu de France located in the capital.

According to the Lebanon’s Health Minister, at least 50 people were killed and nearly 2,700 injured after several explosions hit the port area of Beirut earlier in the day.

It was not immediately clear what caused the explosions which destroyed several buildings.


SOT, Injured person (Arabic): “All of a sudden we felt a boom, everything turned over our heads, I was at home in my bed watching TV the window fell over on me the wardrobe also fell over us, my daughter injured her arm and she needs a surgery now. My other daughter injured her hand and finger, my cousin is disabled, she cannot walk.”

SOT, Injured person (Arabic): “We were at home, we heard the sound of airplanes above our house, we live in the upper floor of the building, we heard a strong noise from airplanes, and suddenly the ceiling falls on us, something explodes and everything falls with it, the walls the glass everything, we went outside, my mother in one direction and I in another.”

SOT, Injured person (Arabic): “My legs, but my mother got seriously injured, a shrapnel went into her shoulder and another in her head.”

SOT, Alneme resident (Arabic): “We came from Alneme area to donate blood, we parked not far from her and walked.”

“The explosion reached Alneme area, also people from the south of Lebanon called us and they heard a big explosion.”

SOT, Local resident (Arabic): “I was moving and it felt like an earthquake, we thought it’s an earthquake. We looked around and we saw glass shattered everywhere, here I had a broken glass and there as well everything got damaged. The explosion shook the earth, it didn’t sound like one explosion but one after the other after the other.”

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