Meet Nikhil, Delhi’s backflipping sixteen-year-old and future paralympian

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Nikhil Kumar is a 16-year-old athlete from Delhi, well known for his performing fantastic stunts despite his physical disability. Inspired by watching people perform in the park near his house, he started to develop his own skillset with the goal to compete in the Paralympics.

“My stunt’s dream awakened from the park seeing people performing. I used to sit there and look and cheer at people every day” said Kumar.

“Seeing me every day, Rizwan called me one day and told me to do the trials. In the trials, I performed really well. He then told me, if given proper training I can perform much better. From that time he has been training me and my skills have improved,” he added.

Besides his studies at the local government school and the challenges he faces due to his disability, he is getting professional training to prepare himself for the Paralympics.

“At home, my parents and family are giving me the advice to continue my studies besides my gymnastics career. Education is very important in life. Despite how much talent you, if you don’t have an education people will put you down. So I am focusing on my education and at the same time getting training for gymnastics and preparing myself for the Paralympics.”

Kumar aims high and hopes to raise the Gold Medal someday.

“My aim is to participate in the Paralympics in the future in the high jump category and win a gold medal in Paralympics,” he said.

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