Mexico: Candlelit vigil commemorates victims on anniversary of El Paso Walmart shooting

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Dozens of evangelical church members gathered near the Mexico/US border on the banks of the Rio Grande in Ciudad Juarez, on Sunday, to commemorate the victims of the El Paso Walmart shooting, one year after 23 people were killed.

Vigil participants were seen holding candles, US flags and pictures of the victims of the shooting.

“We remember these 23 people who were murdered in a cruel way and because of racist motives here in El Paso, Texas,” one evangelical church member said. “We the evangelical churches have gone out until this intermediate point between Mexico and the United States to tell all these families that they are not alone.”

On August 3 2019, 23 people were killed and two dozen were injured after then 21-year-old Patrick Crusius allegedly opened fire at a Walmart store inside the Cielo Vista Mall, the largest shopping centre in El Paso, Texas.

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