Mexico: “They were just children” – Irapuato witnesses react to rehab facility massacre

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After armed gunmen shot and killed as many as 26 people at a drug rehabilitation facility in Irapuato on Wednesday, locals who had seen the aftermath of the massacre shared their experiences in interviews on Thursday.

Though the location seemed calm in footage filmed on Thursday, locals described a shocking scene of just 24 hours prior. “We ran to see but when we arrived they had already all been shot. Everybody was covered in blood. I say it’s not fair. Because it was a horrible thing that we saw. Their heads had exploded, on the floor it was full of blood and everything. It was a very ugly thing,” explained a woman who then broke into tears.

“They were just children, pure adolescents. What could have they done?” she added.

This was the second attack at an Irapuato rehab centre within the past weeks. Ten were killed on June 6 when a group of armed gunmen similarly opened fire at a different rehab center in Irapuato. Guanajuato, the state in which Irapuato is located, has registered more homicides than any other state in Mexico so far in 2020.

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