Migrants in France say they will continue channel crossing attempts into UK

More than 200 migrants tried to cross the Channel Tunnel from Calais into the UK on Sunday.
The migrants broke down several levels of fencing by the undersea tunnel entrance but French riot police responded by spraying them with a chemical irritant.
Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford, reporting from Calais where many of the migrants are camping, described the conditions in theis camp “utterly atrocious”.
“When you ask them why it is so important for them to get to the UK, they all say similar things and they include this perception that immigration policy in the UK is easier than it is in Europe, it’s easier for them to find a job, they say that the wages are better and they say that they want to be part of an English-speaking culture,” our correspondent said.
“They also say that they will continue despite the risks, to try and jump some of those fences, cross that channel and start what they see as being a better life.”

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