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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is heading home from Germany – where he’s been recovering from a nerve agent attack that almost killed him. Navalny INSISTS Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the poisoning – which the Kremlin denies. Now Navalny is risking arrest on arrival – over an earlier suspended sentence.
With a familiar greeting, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny announced his plans to leave Germany and return home to Russia – despite the fact that last time he was there, he was fighting for his life.
Back in August, Navalny fell ill on board a plane from Tomsk to Moscow. After an emergency landing, he was rushed to hospital – where doctors insisted there was no evidence of poisoning.
But two days later, Navalny was airlifted to Germany for treatment. There, experts confirmed he had been poisoned – with Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok. Since then, the opposition leader has been recovering from the attack – and investigating who was behind it.
He even got an alleged member of the hit squad to confess – by calling him posing as an aide to a top FSB official. The agent said the team had put the poison in Navalny’s underwear. The Kremlin has denied any link to the poisoning – but Navalny insists it was ordered by President Vladimir Putin himself.
Now Navalny’s facing arrest on his return – authorities say he’s breached the terms of a suspended sentence he received in a 2014 fraud trial. But Navalny says it’s just another move designed to scare him off – without success.


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