Poland: “We will win” says Trzaskowski at Warsaw rally as polls suggest thin margin

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Polish presidential candidate and current Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski affirmed his confidence in a positive election result for his campaign at a rally in Poland’s capital on Sunday.

Running for the Civic Front party, Trzaskowski trailed his opponent, incumbent president Andrzej Duda, by just two percentage point as exit polls were collected late on Sunday.

“This night will be nervous for everyone in Poland. But I am absolutely convinced that if we add voice to the vote, we will win and we will win for sure,” Trzaskowksi said to a large crowd of supporters.

Trzaskowski continued advocating for an “open, smiling, tolerant and European Poland,” drawing contrast between himself and his opponent, who has been critical of “LGBT ideology” during his time as president and throughout the campaign.

“We will fight for balance all the time, we will fight for Poland to be open, tolerant, European. And I want to tell you clearly that whatever happens we will continue to fight for free courts, we will fight in defence of the constitution, in defence of women’s rights,” he added.

If the exit poll results stand, it will be the closest election since the end of the country’s communist rule in 1989.

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