Police and firefighters put out fires, clear debris in the Hague following anti-lockdown protest

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Police units and firefighters were deployed in the Hague on Sunday evening to clear up the streets in the aftermath of an anti-lockdown demonstration.

Police officers and firefighters were seen putting out fires and clearing up the debris left in the streets of the Hague following an anti-lockdown protest, as the country imposed a nationwide lockdown for the first time since World War II in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

An employee of Het Karmijn, an association dealing with people with disabilities, was seen inspecting the broken windows of the building’s facade. “We have been attacked by rioters, hooligans, who have smashed our facility where people with disabilities live. Our clients are very shocked and scared,” he said.

People in the Netherlands are no longer allowed to be outside between 21:00 and 04:30 local time (20:00 GMT and 03:30 GMT), unless they are going to work or it is an emergency, and those exempt must carry the necessary documentation when they are out between those times. Violators risk a fine of 95 euros ($115).

Protests and clashes were widespread across the country. According to police more than 100 arrests were made in Amsterdam.

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