“Police policing themselves” – Green Party pres. candidate Hawkins slams law enforcement system …

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Green Party 2020 US presidential election candidate Howie Hawkins shared his points of view on challenging issues including climate change, racism, the COVID-19 outbreak, and others, in an interview with RT, from New York City, on Tuesday.

Speaking of the racism problem in the US, Hawkins condemned the current law enforcement system as “police policing themselves,” saying that “community control of the police” would help to deal with the “systemic racism” faced by African-Americans and other minority groups.

He also mentioned the COVID-19 outbreak, which has become a major problem in the US with the country having by far the most cases in the world.

“We have four percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of the COVID infections and deaths. To me that is evidence that the two governing parties in this country are resigned over a failed state, they can’t solve basic problems. We can’t do a test, contact trace and isolate program to suppress the virus – that’s most of the organised countries in the world do,” Hawkins said.

Speaking of arms limitation treaties, he called for military spending to be reined in and for a return to negotiated arms reductions.

“The last bilateral treaty between the United States and Russia concerning strategic arms expires on February 5. And none of the major parties’ candidates, Democrats included, have talked about this issue,” he emphasised.

Green Party co-founder Howie Hawkins, 67, won the nomination to be the Green Party’s candidate in the upcoming presidential election on Saturday.

Hawkins is set to compete against the Democratic Party’s Joe Biden and the Republican incumbent President Donald Trump in November.

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