Rapper sings in Mayan language to raise COVID awareness in Mexican community

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Carlos Martin Cen Valle looks like your typical rapper. Loose clothes, large-cap on top of his head, and a big chain around his neck. But the 19-year-old sings in Mayan with a purpose: promoting COVID-19 safety measures in his community. He was seen rapping in Tahdziu Yucatan on Sunday.

Valle wants his town to reinforce its preventive measures in his neighbourhood. He wrote a song in his native Mayan language so that his neighbours and other Mayan speakers of the world stay aware of COVID-19 risks.

“Sometimes in the hospital, there is a sign in the Mayan language, but people of legal age cannot understand it because they cannot read. With my music, both a child and a grandfather, when listening to this song, can understand what I want to convey to them so that they can get the message and take care of themselves,” he explained.

For six years, the 19 years old rapper has been composing songs that speak of his traditions, his culture, and the day-to-day life of his community.

Carlos has also promoted the sending of donations that allow him to buy some basic pantries and bring support to families in need, especially because with the pandemic many have been unemployed.

“I am redistributing everything I can get to my community. Sometimes we give bread, sometimes we give a little pig, or we give pantry items,” he revealed.

Tahdziu is from one of the poorest municipalities in Yucatan, in southeastern Mexico. More than fifty percent of its population is Mayan-speaking.

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