Relatives recall “terrifying” moment church wedding interrupted by Beirut port blasts *EXCLUSIVE*

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Relatives of the bride and groom whose panic in the aftermath of the Beirut port blasts during a marriage ceremony at a church in Ain El Remmaneh, close to Beirut, was captured exclusively in a Ruptly video, described their traumatising experience in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

Bride Rita Assaf and groom Tony Abou Rachid’s parents and siblings described the horrid moment shock waves of the twin blasts rocked the church and sent them reeling.

“The most terrible moment was when we heard the loud explosion, and when we heard the screaming. We were looking at each other to know if any of us had been hurt. Praise be to God,” said the mother of the groom who was in tears recalling her experience.

One of the relatives described the moment the blast had happened as “very terrifying”, a feeling she said would stay with her forever.

“The wedding took place under a miserable psychological condition because we knew that there were wounded and dead,” said the father of the groom, who thanked God that the couple had got married eventually.

The bride and groom who were preparing for the wedding for a year according to the bride’s mother, got married despite postponing it several times due to the protests in 2019, the deteriorated economy, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last Tuesday, two powerful explosions rocked Beirut’s port area, resulting in the deaths of at least 157 people and injuring more than 5,000, according to preliminary reports. Both figures are expected to rise as search and rescue efforts continue.

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