Russia: FSB and Investigative Committee break up Alrosa diamond theft ring

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The FSB and Russian Investigative Committee broke up a diamond theft ring at Russia’s largest diamond producing company, Alrosa, as shown in footage shot at undisclosed locations released on Monday.

According to the FSB, the criminal group comprised three people, namely, Alrosa employee Elena Kanunnikova, Vladimir Tabaidze and Vladimir Gorginsky. Kanunnikova reportedly stole the precious stones, passing them to go-between Tabaidze, who gave them to Gordinsky, who in turn sold them.

They were caught in the act when they tried stealing another batch of diamonds worth over 22 million rubles (340,000 dollars). A further 500 uncut diamonds were seized at the suspects’ homes, weighing over 2,000 carats, and 11 cut diamonds, together with a value totalling over 3 million dollars.

The suspects have been remanded in custody while the investigation continues.

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