Spain: ISS commander joins UN chief Guterres at COP25 via video link from space

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As part of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25), the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres discussed the global climate with International Space Station (ISS) commander Luca Parmitano via video link on Wednesday in Madrid.

When asked by Guterres about the risks of climate change to our planet, Parmitano responded ”our planet is our only one, we don’t have another choice right now, the planet Earth is the one planet that we have and we are all in this one planet, we are all astronauts in a way because Earth is a spacecraft floating in space and is the place that can give us hope and that can give us life.”

Questioned about the fragility of our planet, Parmitano said that “we [humans] are the most fragile thing.” He went on to urge humankind to “continue being good stewards of the earth,” adding “we are the fragile link in the chain.”

The COP25 summit is taking place in Madrid until December 13 to discuss ways to tackle the climate crisis.

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