Spain: Police prevent anti-mask march in Madrid

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Agents of the National Police identified the attendants to a march against the use of masks in Madrid on Saturday, and prevented them from gathering.

Footage shows a small group of people who came to protest against the restrictions established by the government, and the police warning them that they would be identified if they remained in the place.

“It’s a shame how the children look wearing masks. When it has been demonstrated, it has been demonstrated by doctors, scientists, who have spoken outside of the television, speaking out and denouncing this, that [masks] are counterproductive to health, producing hypoxia, producing lung diseases,” said one protester.

Maria Luisa Fernandez, leader of the group Resistencia Democratica, stated that the restrictions do not serve “to achieve the purpose. The same can be said of the masks, and here they are being imposed.”

The cases of COVID-19 continue to increase at a high rate in Spain. According to data from the Ministry of Health, to date there have been 716,481 cases of coronavirus and 31,232 related deaths.

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