Spain: Two migrants discovered in hidden compartments of car in Melilla

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Mandatory Credit: Guardia Civil

The Spanish Guardia Civil published a video of the discovery of two immigrants that were travelling in the hidden compartments of a car in Melilla on Saturday, 23 November.

Both the man and the woman are 19-years-old and come from Guinea. The car was intercepted at the border of Beni Enzar de Melilla, due to the abnormal dimensions of the vehicle. After an inspection, they discovered two cavities in the car, behind the rear seats and the dashboard.

Footage published on November 29, shows the migrants getting out of the trunk and the hood of the car.

They were exposed to toxic gases emitted by the vehicle, showed symptoms of numbness, disorientation and difficulty walking, due to the time they were confined. Both were transferred to the Centre for Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI) in Melilla.

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