State of Palestine: Two dead, 307 injured as Gaza protests rage on

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Two Palestinians were killed and at least 307 people injured as the Great March of Return protest continued near the Israel-Gaza border on Friday, the Palestinian health ministry reported.

As the protest escalated, Palestinians threw rocks and set tires alight. Israeli forces responded with live fire and tear gas bombs.

According to the ministry, 85 people were injured in the Israeli live fire, five of whom reportedly sustained serious injuries.

Among the killed were Palestinian medic, identified as Abdullah Al-Qatati, and a 55-year-old Rafah resident.

According to local sources, another five paramedics were wounded during the clashes.

The series of protests known as the March of Return were launched along the Gaza-Israel border on March 30 to demand the right for people to return to their pre-1948 homes.

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