Switzerland: Bern voters react as country holds referendum on ending EU freedom of movement

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Voters in Bern shared their thoughts after casting their ballots on whether to end the freedom of movement agreement with the European Union and limit immigration from the bloc, on Sunday.

The vote was initiated by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) who believe Switzerland should be allowed to decide itself how many foreign workers are allowed into the country.

Melissa, a Bern resident, said, “I don’t like this referendum at all, I really want that the result will be no, because we are in the middle of Europe and it is so important that we can move for so much things.”

“It is just short sighted, stupid and borderline racist,” added Dominick, another resident.

On the other hand Martin, another resident, said, “I think at this time with corona the Swiss population will say ‘yes’ to it” adding, “what has happened in the EU, how they work together when this corona thing came. Every nation made its own thing, and they didn’t work together.”

Although the ballot was planned for May it was delayed until September due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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