Thailand: Protesters hold Harry Potter-themed rally against government

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Protesters staged a Harry Potter-themed rally in Bangkok, on Monday, calling for changed and demanding the monarchy’s powers to be curbed.

Demonstrators were clad in clothes similar to those worn by characters from the popular franchise. A Lord Voldemort effigy could also be seen.

One of the protesters said that Thai people lost their democratic rights since the government took power.

“It has been over six years that we have lost all our rights of freedom, which is now hard to make right. The reason it’s hard to make right is because of the people in power who won’t change anything. So it’s almost like losing a battle and not having any expectations that it will be easy. So, we want to dissolve this government,” he said.

In recent weeks, Thailand has been rocked by student protests demanding political change in the form of democratic reforms such as amendments to the country’s constitution and new elections.

The wave of protests began earlier this year following a constitutional court’s decision which dissolved the Future Forward Party and banned its leader from participating in politics for 10 years.

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