UK: Banksy”s “Show me the Monet” fetches over £7.5m, becomes his 2nd most expensive artwork

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Mandatory credit: Sotheby’s

England-based street artist Banksy’s reimagining of Claude Monet’s Impressionist water lilies painting, ‘Show me the Monet’, sold for more than £7.5m (€8.4m, $9.8m) during the auction led by Sotheby’s in London on Wednesday.

The competitive bidding battle between five collectors lasted nine minutes, before exceeding expectations and fetching for £7,551,600.

It was a client of Sotheby’s chairman of Asia, Patti Wong, who won the bid.

The painting becomes Banksy’s second most expensive artwork sold at auction, after ‘Devolved Parliament’ which sold for £9.9m last year

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