UK: First socially distanced immersive COVID concert kicks off in London Bridge

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One Night Records, the organisers of the first ever socially distanced immersive experience, ‘Lockdown Town,’ prepared for the last rehearsal before opening doors.

The venue, with several artists practising for the opening, could be seen in footage captured in London on Wednesday.

For 60 days, 300 different musicians will perform during a two-hour live music performance across a 2,787-square metre (30,000-square feet) space, where the audience will be able to move through 8 different time zones in a maze of tunnels near London Bridge Station.

“The promise of music is that it gives us a way out of a difficult situation. And you name a type of music that doesn’t come from conflict or doesn’t fight back against something else. Every genre of music has that. And so, One Night Records goes back into that conflict, tears it apart, shows you the music again and send you on your way with a tap on your toe and a kick in your heel to the next era we’re going to show you,” said Tim Wilson, the managing director at One Night Records.

“The whole industry is pretty much shut down. Through us creating this piece, we have got this great opportunity to provide employment and we are giving people the opportunity to come out and play in front of a lot of people. This is going to be the first gig that they are going to have pretty much since COVID happened in March. We hope that it is like a framework for other venues or other companies to be able to put things on to see that we can still put work out there for people. So, we want it to work, we want it to be a success,” said Kerri Mclean, Creative Director of Lockdown Town.

The arts industry in the UK has been one of the worst hit sectors by the virus, and have had limited access to funding. Theatres and cinemas were closed with around half of workers being furloughed. The furlough scheme is due to end on October 31, despite the government imposing stricter measures on the country, including a ban of meeting more than six people.

The event will run until the end of the year.

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