USA: Biden announces key members of science team

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Mandatory credit: Joe Biden Campaign

US President-elect Joe Biden announced key members of his administration’s science team, during a press conference held in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday. As the presidential science advisor and the director of the office of science and technology President-elect Biden nominated Dr. Eric Lander. “He’s a pioneer in the scientific community, the principal leader of the human genome project. It’s not hyperbole to suggest that Dr. Lander’s work has changed the course of human history,” stated Biden. Throughout the press conference both Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris reiterated their plans to embrace science and technology. “The science behind climate change is not a hoax. The science behind the virus is not partisan. The same laws apply. The same evidence holds true, regardless of whether or not you accept them. President-elect Biden and I will not only listen to science, we will invest in it,” exclaimed Harris.

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