USA: Pro-police protesters “back the blue” at Brooklyn park

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Hundreds took part in a pro-police rally that took place in Marine Park in Brooklyn on Sunday. The protesters gathered to denounce Mayor Bill de Blasio amid his proposed measures to lower funding for the NYPD.

Protesters held signs of support to the police as well as President Trump. The sentiment was anti-communism and anti-Black Lives Matter, who the protesters accused of targeting cops.

“I’m a Yankee. I will never cower down to evil, and neither will our president,” screamed pro-police protester Robert, wearing and waving American flags.

“It’s evil, what do you think we are like those communists, we cower down to evil and bend. No, my president walked out there, went in front of the church and held a holy bible, in front of that American church. Are you kidding me? We will not cower down to evil, we are Americans,” Robert roared on.

Several other speakers at the rally reportedly blasted Mayor de Blasio for not supporting the police, allegedly allowing crime to run rampant.

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