USA: Pro-police rally is met with BLM counter-protesters in New Jersey

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A rally in support of police forces was met with ‘Black Lives Matter’ counter-protesters in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, on Monday.

Police with riot gear were seen standing in between protesters from both camps.

Pro-police demonstrators were heard chanting “all lives matter.”

“All lives can’t matter until black lives matter, we don’t give a crap about blue lives until they start giving a crap about black lives,” said a BLM demonstrator.

“The thing is, when we say ‘Black Lives Matter’ it doesn’t mean that just black lives matter. The whole point is that they are not being treated equally and the movement is supposed to be so that they are treated as equals. Not just because only black lives matters. But people counter-act that, counter-protest that, saying all lives matter. But you can’t say all lives matter until black lives matter,” explained another counter-protesters.

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