USA: Protesters rally in support of law enforcement in Dallas

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Law enforcement supporters marched through the streets of downtown Dallas, on Saturday, to protest against defunding the Dallas Police Department.

Protesters chanted ‘Back the Blue’ and carried the ‘Thin Blue Line’ US flag to show support for the Police.

Vernon Barnes, one of the demonstrators, said, “We want to show Law enforcement that we support them still, you know I mean they get a lot of bad wraps,” adding, “I think a march like this is you know really good to show them that there are people that do support them in what they do and they put their lives on the line everyday for us.”

Another supporter Crystal Westcot said, “Just because there are a few that do things that are frowned upon and that aren’t right, for the most part a lot of them do what is right.”

In September Dallas city council cut the police overtime budget by 7 million dollars, they planned to redistribute the funds to other departments.

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