USA: Queues before dawn – Black Friday shoppers out in droves in Los Angeles

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Black Friday shoppers were out in large numbers, with some queuing overnight for deals. This is in spite of a spike in cases in Los Angeles, on Friday.

Long lines were seen at some stores, which must limit indoor capacity to 25 percent. This was one of multiple public safety measures in place across the state of California.

Shoppers were not deterred by the measures, with many out in search of christmas deals. One shopper, Yahsmin, had this to say “I’m here today to pick up christmas gifts, because that’s when you get all the really good deals.”

This year’s black Friday comes at a time when the USA is dealing with skyrocketing daily new cases of coronavirus, with over 14.5 millions confirmed cases and a death toll of over 250,000 according to Johns Hopkins University.

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