USA: Small group of armed protesters rallies in front of Michigan Capitol

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A small group of armed protesters gathered in front of the Michigan State Capitol building in Lansing, on Sunday, as authorities ramped up security in the perimeter as a preparation for possibly violent protests.

Demonstrators were seen carrying LGBT, ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ pro US-President Donald Trump and Gadsden flags.

“We’re centralist groups, we are not left, we are not right,” said an armed protester, adding that they have “all come together on the conclusion that our government has been stripping away our rights and liberties.”

Another demonstrated said the rally was planned in November of last year by ‘libertarians.’

The small rally reportedly ended with no incidents or arrests.

Security measures were heightened at all 50 state capitals amid the FBI warning of possible armed protests in the aftermath of the attack on the US Capitol during Biden’s election certification by Congress.

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