USA: Tensions as Dallas BLM protesters met by counter-protest

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A large number of Black Lives Matter protesters rallied on Sunday in Dallas in favour of defunding the police, taking a stand against racism and police brutality.

Protesters were seen marching towards the Dallas Police Department as they chanted and carried signs. Some counter-protesters holding weapons and Trump supporters could also be spotted facing off with BLM demonstrators during the rally. Minor scuffles broke out between the two groups but the rallies remained mostly calm.

“Well I say no more, it ends, and it ends now. My life, our lives are priceless. Liberty has still not been granted to us,” stated protester Karla Morris, whilst giving a speech.

Massive anti-police brutality and anti-racism protests have been taking place all across the US and abroad since the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis on May 25.

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