USA: Trump says he’ll name female SCOTUS nominee among “5 incredible jurists” by week’s end

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US President Donald Trump said he will name his nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States among “five incredible jurists” on “Friday or Saturday” during a rally in Swanton, Ohio, on Monday.

Trump said the nation “mourns the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and that he would soon announce a nominee, as the crowd cheered and chanted “Fill that seat.”

“They say it’s the most important thing a President can do”, said Trump, adding, “I don’t want to make the men too angry, it will be a woman” before asking the crowd: “Is that ok? I don’t want to have a problem with men.”

The president touched on his Democratic rival Joe Biden, saying that if he were to be elected, he would impose a “socialist vision” and “transform American society far beyond recognition”.

“They will mutilate the law, disfigure the constitution and impose a socialist vision that could never pass at the ballot box so they don’t want to show the judges because the only ones that he can put in are far-left radicals,” concluded Trump.

The Supreme Court Justice seat was left vacant following the death of Ginsburg last week, at her home in Washington D.C. at age 87 of complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Known for being a champion of women’s rights and for her liberal stance at the Supreme Court, Ginsburg’s death could alter the ideological balance of the court, giving Trump a chance to expand its conservative majority.

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