Use your noodle – Japanese artist cooks up hilarious coping mechanism for mask fog on glasses

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A Japanese artist tried to tackle the problem of face masks fogging up glasses using a somewhat unique approach; he embraced the fog by making the mask look like a delicious bowl of ramen. The invention, seen in Tokyo on Friday, went instantly viral.

“Originally, I was trying to make a mask so that glasses would not get fogged, but I had no good idea. If that is the case, I’m wondering if I can accept the fog of my glasses and find value in it, so I made this mask,” said Takahiro Shibata, an animator and modelling artist.

The bowl is made of felt cloth, and its ingredients, details such as bamboo shoots, noodles, slices of pork belly and fish cake immersed in a fatty broth, are made of clay. The finishing touch, though, is the foggy glasses – known to all who’ve worn face masks and glasses – making it seem like a steaming dish.

Shibata is known for his realistic-looking minimised or oversized sculptures and pieces of jewellery. Some of his work can be bought on the artist’s website, but the ramen mask has yet to be made available online.

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