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00:00 US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have faced off in a final TV debate less than two weeks before election day. The exhange in Nashville, Tennessee, was a lot more civil than the ill-tempered first debate between the two men. Coronavirus was one of the main issues. Another topic was health care. Donald Trump keeps attacking Joe Biden about the previous administration’s reforms known as Obamacare. President Trump said the US was “rounding the corner” in fighting the disease. Is there any way of knowing whether the US is over the worst?
02:41 Fact-Check by DW’s Joshua Weber
05:34 Presidential debate analysis by DW’s Sumi Somaskanda in Washington, DC
06:44 Whose votes count in the US election?
In the United States, you can win an election by millions of votes – but still not become president. That was the case in the last presidential election. If the popular vote doesn’t decide the president – whose votes really count?


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