Young People Spreading Covid-19; Largest Monument to White Supremacy; How Police Reform Really Works

Here’s what’s happening in your world this week:
– This city shows how disbanding the police really works
– Why young people might be responsible for the rise in #Covid19
– Why the world’s largest monument to White supremacy is still standing
– The untold story behind Remdesivir, the drug that could be a game changer in Covid-19 treatment

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00:00 – This Week’s Top Stories
00:27 – Musicians Struggle During Covid-19
05:39 – Anti-Government Protests
06:24 – Old Drug Shows Promise
09:38 – Doctors Use Mixed Reality to Treat Covid-19
10:13 – Young People and the Pandemic
12:24 – Reopening Schools
13:30 – World’s Largest White Supremacy Monument
18:53 – Death Rate in Majority-Black Counties
19:10 – Camden’s Radical Plan to Fix Its Police

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